Life in Mauritius

Geographic Location : Situated at the heart of the archipelago of the Mascarene Islands, in the south-west of the Indian Ocean, at approximately 900 kms from Madagascar and approximately 2000 kms off the east coast of Africa, the Island of Mauritius is surrounded by lagoons and coral reefs with 330 kms of coastline.

Capital: Port-Louis

Surface Area: 2040 kms2

Population: 1, 3 Million

Languages: The official language is English but the majority of the population is bilingual English/French and the local dialect is Mauritian Creole.

Climate: Tropical with a mild winter (17 to 24 C) and hot summer weather (25 to 33 C)

Visa: European Union passport holders do not need a visa for a holiday of less than 6 months on the Island of Mauritius.

Currency: Mauritian Rupee (Approx. in Oct 2012: 1$ = Rs 31 - 1€ = Rs 40 - 1£ = Rs 50)

Vaccination: No vaccination is required for European travellers wishing to spend holidays on the Island of Mauritius.

Religion (%): Hinduism (52%), Christianity (28%), Islam (16.6%)

Political Regime: Parliamentary Democratic Republic, based on the British model of Westminster, with a Prime Minister as chief executive. Time Zone: GMT +4

Medical: Medical technology with a large range of health services and the opening of private hospitals have allowed to cater for medical tourism on the island.