Invest in Mauritius:

The Bridge Connecting Africa and Asia

Mauritius is a hub in the Indian Ocean region, connecting the African continent to Asia for your business activities or exchange of services.

Relocate to Mauritius

Thinking of relocating your professional activities to Mauritius? Daydream of working under the Mauritian sun with a computer on your lap from the beach, watching the sunset from the island’s West coast? It’s time to live in Mauritius.

Let’s have a closer look at all the bilateral trade partnerships that will help make your investment or business prosper.

The African Continental Free Trade Area

This agreement provides a free trade zone covering the continent and representing a population size of more than 1.2 billion and more than USD 2 trillion of GDP. Mauritian established companies will thus have tax-free access to all the countries of the continent.

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), removing tariffs on goods is expected to boost intraregional trade by more than 80%. In addition to the movement of goods, the AfCFTA also covers an array of services.


The Busy City of Nairobi

Mauritius and China, a Step Forward

China is just as large in terms of population and represents over USD 15 trillion of GDP. Thanks to the Mauritius-China Free Trade Agreement, we now have duty-free access on 8,547 products representing 96% of Chinese tariff lines. Mauritius can, therefore, gradually increase its exports to China. The exchange of services is also not left out.


The Vibrant Business City of Shanghai

Mauritius-India, a Strengthened Relationship

The terms of the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation and Partnership Agreement (CECPA) guarantee preferential access to the Indian market for a list of 615 Mauritian products, and the Indian side will have the same advantages for 310 products.

The CECPA is the first agreement of its kind to be signed with an African country and is a big step forward. In addition to products, the agreement also covers trade in services and investment. Not to be forgotten is the financial services sector.


An Important Trade Partner

Mauritius-US, a Long-Standing Relationship

Not least, we must not neglect our trade relations with Uncle Sam, primarily since it represents an essential market for Mauritian exports through the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). It is also worth noting that Americans and South Africans, among others, are the leading foreign investors in the Mauritius Stock Exchange.


Manhattan City

Live in Mauritius

Convinced that Mauritius is the right country to expand your operations in the region? So pack your bags and head to our island home, where life is good and where you will quickly grow professionally.

How to get a Mauritian residence permit?

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Published on May 31, 2021 by Laetitia Melidor

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