Rental Market in Mauritius: What You Need to Know

Summer is back and now is the perfect time to come and live in Mauritius. With the borders opening and with unprecedented demand for rental properties, there has never been a better time to make an investment into the Mauritian property market.

If you intend to work and live in Mauritius but want to rent a villa, or an apartment on the island, the Mauritius Sotheby’s International Realty team can definitely help you find your dream home.

Let’s have a closer look at the rental environment in Mauritius.

Huge Demand

Amid borders opening, the rental market is experiencing unprecedented demand from new arrivals, albeit for work or retirement. “The rental market is exploding and clients are ready to pay premium prices to secure the best properties, as there is an increasing demand and limited stock. On our side, we do our best to understand our clients’ needs  and offer a quick and efficient service by proposing a selection of homes depending on what they are looking for” explains Lee Lazare, property consultant at Mauritius Sotheby’s International Realty.

According to Lee, finding a nice rental property depends on what you are looking for, “to be able to propose the best options, as agents we need to know how long the client intends to stay on the island, do they have pets, do they need to be near schools, do they need a furnished home or any other specific requirements, so that we can narrow down the search.”

As someone wanting to rent a property in Mauritius, you definitely need to know your rights.


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The Tenant's Rights

To start with you’ll have to go through your tenancy agreement with the help of your real estate agent. You need to know that as a tenant you are entitled to everything as per the description in the lease agreement, so scrutiny and attention to detail in this regard is paramount. Your agent is also there to assist.

Secondly, the agreement must specify the period of the lease, including the date at which the property will become available. It must also describe the property, the amount of the monthly rent, the amount to be paid as a security deposit, and the conditions for revising the rent, as well as the terms of termination of the lease.


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What Are Your Obligations as a Tenant?

You need to pay the rent and charges as per the dates stipulated in the lease, as well as the deposit guarantee if required by the lease. The house must be used for the purpose agreed for, eg. you cannot transfer the lease agreement without the owner’s approval to make a profit.

Being on a rental basis, you will not be allowed to transform the property and carry out important works without the go ahead of the landlord. In the absence of his agreement, the landlord can insist, upon your departure, that you restore the premises to its original state or can decide to keep the changes you made without compensating you.


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What Type of Property Can I Rent?

You will face no restrictions on rental property types, whether you want to rent a beachfront villa, an apartment, or a house, it will all depend on your budget.

So hesitate no more and come to live in Mauritius. You can view our rental properties on the link below and contact us for more details.

Published on October 28, 2021 by Laetitia Melidor

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