Mauritius Aims to Attract 50 000 Retirees

Be inspired, feel safe, and get ready to live a one-of-a-kind experience for a peaceful retirement in our paradise island.
Beyond the pristine waters and stunning fauna, Mauritius enjoys a rich cultural heritage, political and social stability, security, and peace among its multi-cultural population. Not least, you can find world-class entertainment and sports facilities, as well as the world’s best hotels and luxurious properties around the island, making Mauritius a dream come true, a haven to enjoy your retirement.

Borders Opening

Mauritius Offers Various Incentives

With the first phase of borders opening, welcoming foreign retirees to live in the country, is a key measure promoted in the national 2021-2022 budget. In fact, the Mauritian government aims to attract 50 000 retirees in this financial year, ending June 2022.
Through the various incentives launched by the authorities, we expect investment to trigger economic growth in various sectors including the health sector, the banking sector, and the real estate sector among others. According to official figures, 1000 retirees choosing Mauritius could generate around Rs 1,2 billion of investment each year.

It is to be noted that about 80% of the high-end luxury properties on the island are acquired mostly by foreigners aged more than 50 years old. Thus, in an endeavor to attract more foreign retirees, a dedicated portal will soon be launched to provide all the necessary information for those who want to live in Mauritius.
The building of retirement villages and retirement residences are ongoing projects in the country, while access to the occupation permit has been made easier for those who want to invest in properties on the island.

Come and Live your Dream Lifestyle

If you want to secure your peaceful living spot under a filao tree in mesmerizing Mauritius, wait no more, it’s time to prepare for your future.

Published on July 29, 2021 by Laetitia Melidor