Q&A with Norbert Koenig & Chris Lazare

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Q&A With Chris Lazare & Norbert Koenig

1. Norbert, the rumor has it that there is a special treasure buried in St-Antoine, but I think that the St-Antoine project, is the real treasure. Tell us more about it.

(Norbert Koenig, Managing Director Red4, promoter of the St-Antoine project )

Well, there is a treasure buried in St-Antoine. As per the Paul & Virginie story, l’ile d’Ambre is where it is buried. However, the treasure is also here all around us, hear the birds singing, look at the view we have, and all the facilities offered on-site.

2. Chris, this is indeed a beautiful project, how are clients reacting to this offer?

(Chris Lazare, Partner Mauritius Sotheby’s International Realty)
To start with, the MSIR team is very proud to be involved in this development, the response from the clients has been phenomenal.

The project has been set up in two phases up to now. The first phase includes 35 units, of which all were sold. Then, there was a second phase of another 35 units, of which few units are left, which shows the success of this development.

3. Norbert, tell us more about the facilities available at St-Antoine?

The first 35 units came with a reception, a massage parlor, and a boat parking with all its facilities, which is handy as in this region you have the possibility to do beautiful excursions, and we have a big swimming pool.

4. More than just a project, St-Antoine is a typical North Coast village. What about the lifestyle?

First of all, you won’t be far from the urban area with Grand Bay being only 15 minutes drive from here, and there are many other amenities including a nearby golf course. The Goodlands village is also close with all its facilities and the open-air markets. Find also the St-Antoine old estate, that you can visit to enjoy a typical garden breakfast.Talking about the lifestyle, we have to mention the fishermen living around here and bringing that islander lifestyle vibe. You can do kayaking to l’ile d’Ambre, and there is the Bernache islet also, with its sandy white beaches.

5. Mauritius is indeed a paradise island, Chris why would you recommend Mauritius as an obvious choice for relocation?

Mauritius is well-positioned between Europe and Africa, we offer interesting tax benefits and the country is clearly on the up, with lots of developments happening.

As an investor, the return on your rental is fair value, and the return on investment, in the long run, is very fruitful.

So, investors should not hesitate to enquire about this development, we only have 5 units left and because of the high demand, we have plots of land for sale at St-Antoine, that you can buy if you have an occupation permit as a foreigner. Following the guidelines, you can build yourself a very beautiful home here for a very competitive price.

6. How does Mauritius Sotheby's International Realty eases the buying process for investors?

We do the service from A to Z having a very strong administrative department. We have a big team and a big reach of clients through our global network.

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Published on June 1, 2022 by Laetitia Melidor