Where Do We Go Shopping In Mauritius ?

Live In Mauritius : Where do We Go Shopping ?

What About the Shopping Malls On The Island ?

Timo Geldenhuys: Today we’re gonna go on a road trip and we’re going to show you the different shopping centers that exist; North, Middle and South-West of the island. You can go shopping all over the island, so let’s go! 

Shop In Mauritius: Welcome To The Bagatelle Mall

Important visit for those who want to live in Mauritius, here we are at Bagatelle Mall in the middle of the island, servicing the whole Moka and Curepipe region. Located in the heart of Mauritius, this is the biggest mall in Mauritius that has anything and everything you can think of, from an eating perspective experience to shopping, whether it’s fashion or just grocery shopping of fresh fruits and vegetables, everything is available at the Bagatelle Mall. 

Over than the Bagatelle Mall, not only do we have amazing shopping centers but we also have cool markets in Mauritius, and this is a food market in Quatre-Bornes where you can get pretty much any fruit and vegetable you can think of. 

Shop In Mauritius: Welcome To The Mahogany Shopping Centre

Here we are at the Mahogany Shopping Centre which is part of the new Beau Plan Smart City. It’s one of the newest shopping centers on the island, and again you will have a full array of options from dining to entertaining, in a really cool setting and it’s about 10-15 km from Grand-Bay, and servicing this new residential area that’s developing.

Shop In Mauritius: Welcome To La Croisette Shopping Centre

Now we are at La Croisette, the biggest shopping mall in the North. There are a number of malls up in the Grand Bay area, but this is definitely the biggest one, a real hive of activity, especially for late afternoons and evenings and over the weekends. 

Everything you can think of, including great movie theaters are here, so it’s definitely the place to go and shop in the North.

Shop In Mauritius: Welcome To The Phoenix Mall

Here we are at the Phoenix Mall, which is right in the middle of Mauritius. It services a lot of the central part of Mauritius and it is one of the oldest malls on the island, but has actually been upgraded recently. Anything and everything that you need is right here; great coffee shops, restaurants and the closest Nando’s to the West Coast, so a lot of us shoot up here to have a Nando’s.

Shop In Mauritius: Welcome To The Cascavelle Shopping Mall

Another one, we’ve done a lot of these shopping centers and I think it proves the point. This is Cascavelle, it is part of the new smart city, Unicity, which is near Flic en Flac on the West Coast of the island.

One of the unique features is the bowling alley as you can see. So, you can come bowling which is something slightly different for the kids, but a cool place to visit. 

Shop In Mauritius: Welcome To Coeur Cap Tamarin

And we’re now in Tamarin. The newest edition to all the supermarkets and shopping malls in Mauritius, this is the Super U center. What makes it unique is actually that the whole top floor of this center is a grocery shop, called Super U, and the bottom is where all the rest of the shops are. Again you will have a great food court, fresh products, clothing shops, etc, and a massive edition to the shopping experience on the West Coast.

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