Live in Mauritius: Why Should a Foreigner Choose Mauritius?

Why Should a Foreigner Invest in Mauritius?

Live In Mauritius: Why Should a Foreigner Choose Mauritius?

Why Invest in Mauritius?

Timo Geldenhuys: Mauritius is a very unique island. Actually, it’s part of Africa, but in a way it’s not, as it’s far from mainland Africa.

The uniqueness of Mauritius is that it’s an independent island with very few natural resources, yet it is the success story of Africa over the last 50 years. These are the first reasons why a foreigner should choose Mauritius

Why Choose Mauritius: Discover Our Mauritian Story

Mauritius gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1968 and since then, the island has managed to reinvent itself numerous times. Originally, the whole economy was built on agriculture and monocrop, mostly sugarcane.

Over the years, various pillars developed and the first one was tourism. Well, everyone knows Mauritius as a beautiful blue sea and coral reef island, and a great place to come and have family holidays, and honeymoons.

Again, the population of Mauritius is well-educated, and the island has systematically grown in various spheres.

Why Choose Mauritius: A Safe International Platform for Investment

They are leaders in the ICT sector and in the offshore banking sector, definitely a great place to do business. Mauritius ranked highly on numerous listings across Africa and is also globally a safe place to invest.

Mauritius has had independent democratic elections every 5 years since 1968. There’s never been any major political upheaval, the population is a law-abiding population and, as a result, it’s a great place to invest with low tax rates and no dividends tax, no inheritance tax. The maximum tax rate here is 15%, so big companies that do business in Africa have chosen Mauritius as a platform to invest.

The island has proven itself as the leading country in Africa in terms of offshore development.

So, generally, is Mauritius a Good Place to Invest?

It’s a yes, and Mauritius Sotheby’s International Realty is well-placed to assist you in this regard, we look forward to seeing you guys and chatting with you soon.

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Front de Mer Apartment

Discover this 4-bedroom apartment for MUR 24 000 000
Foreign ownership, access to Mauritian residence permit and a favorable fiscal climate

Sky Bound - Penthouse

This 3-bedroom penthouse is a must-see for USD 1 867 471
Foreign ownership, access to Mauritian residence permit and a favourable fiscal climate

Live in Mauritius: Where Do We Go Shopping On The Island ? (VIDEO)

Where Do We Go Shopping In Mauritius ?

Live In Mauritius : Where do We Go Shopping ?

What About the Shopping Malls On The Island ?

Timo Geldenhuys: Today we’re gonna go on a road trip and we’re going to show you the different shopping centers that exist; North, Middle and South-West of the island. You can go shopping all over the island, so let’s go! 

Shop In Mauritius: Welcome To The Bagatelle Mall

Important visit for those who want to live in Mauritius, here we are at Bagatelle Mall in the middle of the island, servicing the whole Moka and Curepipe region. Located in the heart of Mauritius, this is the biggest mall in Mauritius that has anything and everything you can think of, from an eating perspective experience to shopping, whether it’s fashion or just grocery shopping of fresh fruits and vegetables, everything is available at the Bagatelle Mall. 

Over than the Bagatelle Mall, not only do we have amazing shopping centers but we also have cool markets in Mauritius, and this is a food market in Quatre-Bornes where you can get pretty much any fruit and vegetable you can think of. 

Shop In Mauritius: Welcome To The Mahogany Shopping Centre

Here we are at the Mahogany Shopping Centre which is part of the new Beau Plan Smart City. It’s one of the newest shopping centers on the island, and again you will have a full array of options from dining to entertaining, in a really cool setting and it’s about 10-15 km from Grand-Bay, and servicing this new residential area that’s developing.

Shop In Mauritius: Welcome To La Croisette Shopping Centre

Now we are at La Croisette, the biggest shopping mall in the North. There are a number of malls up in the Grand Bay area, but this is definitely the biggest one, a real hive of activity, especially for late afternoons and evenings and over the weekends. 

Everything you can think of, including great movie theaters are here, so it’s definitely the place to go and shop in the North.

Shop In Mauritius: Welcome To The Phoenix Mall

Here we are at the Phoenix Mall, which is right in the middle of Mauritius. It services a lot of the central part of Mauritius and it is one of the oldest malls on the island, but has actually been upgraded recently. Anything and everything that you need is right here; great coffee shops, restaurants and the closest Nando’s to the West Coast, so a lot of us shoot up here to have a Nando’s.

Shop In Mauritius: Welcome To The Cascavelle Shopping Mall

Another one, we’ve done a lot of these shopping centers and I think it proves the point. This is Cascavelle, it is part of the new smart city, Unicity, which is near Flic en Flac on the West Coast of the island.

One of the unique features is the bowling alley as you can see. So, you can come bowling which is something slightly different for the kids, but a cool place to visit. 

Shop In Mauritius: Welcome To Coeur Cap Tamarin

And we’re now in Tamarin. The newest edition to all the supermarkets and shopping malls in Mauritius, this is the Super U center. What makes it unique is actually that the whole top floor of this center is a grocery shop, called Super U, and the bottom is where all the rest of the shops are. Again you will have a great food court, fresh products, clothing shops, etc, and a massive edition to the shopping experience on the West Coast.

Kalodyne Bay- Apartment 3

Discover this 3-bedroom apartment for USD 537 640
Foreign ownership, access to Mauritian residence permit and a favorable fiscal climate

Kalodyne Bay – Penthouse 4

This 4-bedroom penthouse is a must-see for USD 1 173 034
Foreign ownership, access to Mauritian residence permit and a favourable fiscal climate

Your Weekly Rendez-vous: Welcome to 2-Minute Tuesdays!

Your Weekly Rendez-vous: Welcome to 2-Minute Tuesdays!

2-Minute Tuesdays is a new, informative series hosted by Timo Geldenhuys, Partner of Mauritius Sotheby’s International Realty. Timo has lived in Mauritius for the last 17 years with his family and in this series, he will answer your questions, be it property acquisition, legal terminology, lifestyle options, and many other interesting topics.

So, dive into this unique experience;  it’s time for Mauritius to come alive.

Episode 1 : Want to know where Mauritius is situated or how big is it?

Episode 2 : How can a foreigner acquire property?

Episode 3 : How can a foreigner obtain residency in Mauritius?

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It’s time to Live in Mauritius 

Property Investment: Acquisition Options for Foreigners Broadened and Made Easier

Property Investment : Acquisition Options for Foreigners Broadened and Made Easier

Another milestone achieved in property investment in Mauritius!

For a minimum investment of USD350 000 and a 10% contribution to the solidarity levy, a holder of any type of residence permit including Permanent Residence Permits, Investor Permits, Occupational Permits, Retiree Permits but excluding  the Premium Visa, now qualifies for property acquisition outside of the approved schemes, i.e, the  Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), Real Estate Scheme (RES) and Property Development Scheme (PDS).  

This new measure broadens the possibilities of property acquisitions, as foreign residents now have access to many more properties on the island, including:

  •  Already built homes situated on freehold land not exceeding 5276 square metres

  •  Plots of freehold land not exceeding 5276 square metres

The new legislation does not allow foreigners to buy leasehold land, which generally means any beachfront property is excluded and not available.

Discover: Kalyaana Villa

What if You Lose Your Residence Permit?

If you relinquish or lose your residence permit, the good news is that you can still keep ownership of your property as an investment, to rent it out, or to keep it as a secondary residence in Mauritius. You will however only be able to spend 6 months of the year in Mauritius, as per current law.

Investors Can Acquire Property and Obtain Residency in Partnership

It is now also possible for non-citizens to acquire property in partnership, under the fractional ownership policy. Under this regime, each partner will be eligible to apply for the status of residency, provided that each foreigner invests more than USD 375 000 in the property.

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It’s time to Live in Mauritius 

Investment: Where Exactly is Mauritius? (VIDEO)

Where Exactly is Mauritius?

Today’s Question Is: Where Exactly is Mauritius?

Is Mauritius in the Indian Ocean?

Timo Geldenhuys: Well, Mauritius is this little tiny tropical island, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. 

It’s off the south-eastern part of Africa, about 1000 km East of Madagascar, and very close to Reunion Island, a French island that we can see on a good day. 

How Big is Mauritius?

Well, it’s not very big at all, it’s a tiny little island, 70 km long by 40 km wide. 

Here, things aren’t really measured in distance, it’s more measured in time. 

So, if you want to drive around the circumference of the island, it’s gonna take you about a day, and for the areas where people live, everything’s about half an hour to an hour, to two and two and a half hours drive, depending on how fast or how slow you drive. 

How Big is the Population of Mauritius?

The Mauritian population is about 1.3 million, all living in harmony and so happy together. 

Definitely the most accommodating and happy multicultural society I’ve ever visited in my life.

What Languages are Spoken in Mauritius?

The official language is English, but most people speak French and creole. 

The reason you have this nuance is that prior to independence the British were in control of Mauritius. 

So, that was the official language existing when independence happened, but day-to-day, the prominent languages spoken are French and Creole, though people are comfortable with English, as most of the population can adequately speak English. 

No matter where you come from around the world, you’re not gonna feel isolated, and language is not gonna be an issue. 

St Antoine Private Residence II – Luxury Apartment

Discover this 3-bedroom, ground floor apartment for Rs 24 800 000.
Foreign ownership, access to Mauritian residence permit and a favorable fiscal climate

Skyline Penthouse St-Antoine

This 3-bedroom penthouse is a must-see for R 45,000,000
Foreign ownership, access to Mauritian residence permit and a favourable fiscal climate


Plots for Sale | Open for Reservation

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How Can A Foreigner Obtain Residency in Mauritius? (VIDEO)

How Can A Foreigner Obtain Residency in Mauritius?

How Can a Foreigner Obtain the Mauritian Residence Permit?

Today’s question is about residency and citizenship!

Timo Geldenhuys: It’s something we get asked a lot, how do I get citizenship in Mauritius?

Well, unfortunately, you don’t. Unless you’re born here, unless you’re married to a Mauritian and unless you are of Mauritian heritage, it’s almost impossible to get citizenship. 

The good news is that with property investment and purchase, you do get residency and permanent residency for you and your family. 

In What Properties Can Foreigners Invest To Acquire A Residence Permit?

Any investment into one of the approved schemes by the government in Mauritius leads to a permit. The schemes are, the I.R.S (Integrated Resort Scheme), the R.E.S ( Real Estate Scheme), the P.D.S (Property Development Scheme), the Smart City Scheme or the Ground + 2 scheme. If the value of the purchase is over USD 375 000, you qualify for permanent residency for you, your spouse, and dependents who are your kids as long as they are still under your responsibility. There’s no specific age limit to that, and they all qualify for residency in Mauritius.


You can come and go as you please, and that residency stays in place for as long as you own that property. 

What Are the Other Avenues of Getting The Mauritian Residency?

The Economic Development Board Mauritius (EDB), is the arm that facilitates that on behalf of the government and they’ve made it really easy for people to come, work, live and play in Mauritius.

If you’re interested in those various permits and how you can get into Mauritius easier, the EDB portal is amazing, so I advise you to go and have a look there, but if it comes to investment and residency through property purchase, Mauritius Sotheby’s International Realty is perfectly placed to advise you and assist you in that regard. 

We have a number of properties all over the island, and if you purchase these properties you and your family will qualify for permanent residency. 

So, unfortunately, no citizenship, but definitely permanent residency. We look forward to assisting you in that process and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Discover Heart of the Ocean - Le Marais Gât

Discover this 4-bedroom penthouse for Rs 49 000 000
Foreign ownership, access to Mauritian residence permit and a favorable fiscal climate

The Inimitable - Le Marais Gât

This 3-bedroom apartment is a must-see for R 21,750,000
Foreign ownership, access to Mauritian residence permit and a favourable fiscal climate

Who Can Buy Property in Mauritius? (VIDEO)

Who Can Invest in Property in Mauritius?

Today’s Question Is: Can You Buy Property in Mauritius?

Can a Foreigner Invest in Real Estate in Mauritius?

Timo Geldenhuys: The emphatic answer is yes, I’m very grateful for that because if you weren’t able to, I probably would not have a job. 

So, the answer is yes, we as foreigners can definitely buy property in Mauritius.

What are Real Estate Schemes in Mauritius?

The first scheme that came along was under the acronym IRS, which is Integrated Resort Scheme. 

It is very much focused on high-end development with a lot of amenities and infrastructure in place, golf courses, restaurants, kids clubs, etc. 

Systematically, that’s changed, the RES came around about 2009, RES being, Real Estate Scheme. 

It allowed for slightly smaller developments, and smaller land owners to do these developments, and also brought the entry-level pricing down.

The government then looked at how they could amalgamate these two schemes and come up with a more consolidated and better offering. The PDS, effectively, is a development that can be done by anyone, any developer in Mauritius. 

Is Property Ownership by Foreigners in Mauritius Freehold Ownership?

It’s predominantly on freehold land, and it’s in approved schemes on freehold land, and hence your purchase is very much protected at the registrar’s office under the fact that you have freehold titleship and ownership of your property. 

There are certain derivatives that have come in now in terms of further ownership. We have the Ground + 2 scheme, which is more apartment-style and duplex-style living.

It’s brought the threshold right down in terms of entry-level, and we also have the Smart City scheme, some of the big developments in Mauritius happening right now are in the Smart City scheme.

It’s a combination of retail, commercial and residential. It encourages urban lifestyle, urban living, and the development of massive infrastructure.

I like to see it as a partnership between the government and the private sector. So yes, there is a massive amount of opportunity of owning a property in Mauritius

What is The Price Range of Property in Mauritius for Foreign Buyers?

Prices range all the way from the USD 200 000 range all the way up to USD 10 million. 

The residency and the ownership are often combined, we’ll touch on that in a later video, but your threshold now is USD 375 000 and if you buy one of these properties, you and your family qualify for residency.

So, yes you can buy property in Mauritius and we look forward to welcoming you guys, Mauritius Sotheby’s International Realty is well placed on the island to answer any questions you have around that.

Discover : Coconut Grove – Apartment 2

Discover this 2-bedroom apartment on the North Coast for USD 350 000
Foreign ownership, access to Mauritian residence permit and a favorable fiscal climate

Coconut Grove – Penthouse

This 4-bedroom penthouse is a must-see for USD1, 135 000
Foreign ownership, access to Mauritian residence permit and a favourable fiscal climate

Things To Do for Fun in Mauritius (VIDEO)

Things To Do for Fun in Mauritius

What Are The Best Activities To Do for Fun in Mauritius?

Today, the question is what do we do for fun in Mauritius? What activities are there to do? 

Timo Geldenhuys: As you can see, I’m standing here on the beautiful beach of Grand Bay, and behind me are a lot of boats and the first thing that a lot of people do is fish.

Best Fishing Spots in Mauritius

Here is one of the best fishing spots of the Indian Ocean for big game fishing, tuna and marlin fishing etc. You’ll have awesome places both in Black River and in Grand Bay.

Other things to do in terms of amenities and fun, are watersports like tubing, skiing, snorkeling, glass bottom boats, swimming with the dolphins, all these things you can do on this beautiful ocean. There are operators that offer all those services, so awesome things to do in Mauritius.

Discover the Beautiful Golf Courses Around the Island

Another thing to do is play golf, and here we are at the Tamarina Golf Club which is one of the twelve beautiful golf courses around the island. We have both 9-hole, and 18-hole championship golf courses and it’s one of the big attractions for people wanting to come on holidays here and invest here. Indeed there are great investment opportunities around golf estates, and it’s an awesome thing to do. 

For those who love nature, there are some amazing activities. Mauritius offers great hiking, walking in the gorges, along the rivers that are natural and pristine. There are awesome mountain biking and cycling opportunities, you can mountain bike on weekends through the sugarcane fields and the other natural areas of Mauritius.

Kitesurfing and Windsurfing in Mauritius

One of the greatest attractions in Mauritius is also kitesurfing and windsurfing. Mauritius has one of the world’s leading kitesurfing spots in Le Morne, so all in all just a fantastic offering in terms of world-class amenities, activities, and attractions. If you love the outdoors, Mauritius is the place for you.

Ennéa Golf – Villa 6

Discover this 3 -bedroom villa for Rs 21 800 000.
Foreign ownership, access to Mauritian residence permit and a favorable fiscal climate

Ennéa Golf – Villa 21

This 3-bedroom villa is a must-see for Rs 23,100,000
Foreign ownership, access to Mauritian residence permit and a favourable fiscal climate

Luxury Lifestyle Award : Mauritius Sotheby’s International Realty Awarded Best Brokerage on the Island

Luxury Lifestyle Award : Mauritius Sotheby’s International Realty Awarded Best Brokerage on the Island

As affluent individuals look to purchase homes in a niche market with limited inventory, the Mauritius Sotheby’s International Realty team is a true global real estate advisor. Our agency outperformed the industry’s average this year, being awarded best brokerage on the island by Luxury Lifestyle Award.

Indeed, since the beginning of the year, Mauritius Sotheby’s International Realty, led by Timo Geldenhuys and Chris Lazare is showing an encouraging performance with positive growth in terms of sales, quality leads generation and new market targeting. 

Moreover, being part of the Sotheby’s International Realty global network, Mauritius Sotheby’s International Realty has access to an international network comprising a high-calibre client database, new technologies and marketing techniques, as well as the expertise and support of the Sotheby’s International Realty affiliates around the globe. 

It is also noteworthy that the global network achieved a record US$204 billion in 2021 global sales volume, a 36% increase in sales growth year over year. 

Nothing compares to the Mauritius Sotheby’s International Realty service. 

For more information, please contact us @ [email protected]