Investment and Business

Mauritius, known as the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean, is the economic bridge between Asia and Africa. It is renowned for its strategic location for air and sea routes, as well as its International Financial Centre.

As an Upper-Middle-Income economy, Mauritius enjoys political stability and is a safe destination to call home. It ranks 1st in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business index in Africa, and 13th worldwide.

Moreover, the island enforces a strong and independent hybrid judiciary system based on the French Code Civil and the British legal system, making it an ideal destination for international investors.

Market Access

Mauritius enjoys the advantages of preferential market access to a substantial portion, approximately 70%, of the global population, thanks to its participation in a wide range of Free Trade Agreements. If you are considering relocating your business to Mauritius, you can expect to capitalise on the abundant opportunities available with major economies such as Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, India, Continental Africa, and various other territories.

International Financial Centre

The Mauritius International Financial Centre (IFC) has a remarkable track record of decades in facilitating cross-border investment and finance. It provides an exceptional platform that is known for its robust regulation and transparency. Recognised globally as a reputable jurisdiction, the Mauritius IFC hosts a wide array of international banks, legal firms, corporate service providers, investment funds, and private equity funds. It serves as a trusted and reliable hub for conducting various financial activities at an international level.

Port Connectivity

Mauritius is developing an island container terminal to cater to container traffic beyond 2025. The government is investing USD 1.3 billion for the development of the blue economy and the transformation of the Port Louis Harbour into a regional maritime hub

Air Connectivity

Mauritius is served by more than 20 airlines and connects over 150 destinations worldwide. Projections indicate that approximately 8 million passengers are expected through the airport by 2040. In terms of connectivity, Mauritius has direct service to 9 of the top 15 airport hubs in the world. This includes Paris, London, Singapore, Dubai, Johannesburg, Nairobi, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Perth.