Borders Opening - Welcome to Paradise

Experience Mauritius, safely and peacefully!
With COVID still causing havoc globally, Mauritius is a safe haven where you can live your dream lifestyle.
While we are gearing up to welcome you back as from the 15th of July, let’s have a closer look at the borders reopening phases.

Phase One- Resort Stay

As of the 15th of July, vaccinated tourists will have the opportunity to come to Mauritius on a 14 day holiday stay in dedicated resorts around the island and will be allowed to use the full resort amenities during their stay.

Phase Two- Full Opening of the Island

As of the 1st of October, all vaccinated foreigners will be allowed entry without any restrictions, provided they have a negative PCR test 72 hours before boarding.

Vaccinated Guests vs Unvaccinated Guests

Travelers will soon be able to book their resort stay hotels, and the vaccinated guests will be allowed to use the hotel amities, as well as enjoy the beach of their resorts on arrival.
On the other hand, unvaccinated guests will have to book a quarantine hotel and won’t be allowed to leave their rooms for 14 days.

What Are the Steps for the Vaccinated Guests?

  • Book your certified Safe-Travel hotel online
  • Book a PCR test beforehand
  • Your travel insurance must include a Covid-19 cover
  • At your point of embarkation present the required documents including a negative PCR test, your Safe-Travel hotel booking, your insurance cover, and your vaccination certificate.
  • Upon your arrival in Mauritius, you’ll have a temperature check and another PCR test before your transfer to your hotel.
  • Once you receive your negative PCR test result confirmation by SMS, you will be authorized to move around your hotel and enjoy all the facilities.
  • After proof of another negative PCR test result on day 14, you’ll be allowed to explore the island at will or move to new accommodation.

What to Expect Once You Arrive on the Island?

Hand sanitization is mandatory and your body temperature must not exceed 37,8 degrees during the temperature control.

What About Your Hotel Transfer?

Travelers will be taken to their hotels by approved transfer operators and it will be compulsory to wear your mask during the transfer.

Finally at the Hotel, What next?

For 14 days you will have a beautiful Mauritian resort holiday and enjoy all it has to offer. 2 PCR tests (7 and 14 days) will be done so as to ensure your safety and those around you.
What about golfers?
If you’re a golf lover, this news will please you as all guests will also be allowed to the golf courses attached to the respective resorts. For safety reasons, tourists and locals will have separate days to access to the golf course.

What if there is a suspected case in my hotel?

If there is a positive case in your hotel and your PCR test results are negative on day 14, you’ll have to self-isolate for 7 days in the same hotel or any other place of your choice on the island.

Book your flights and Welcome Back!

Leave behind all your worries and come join us in our beautiful sanctuary, it’s time to Live in Mauritius!

Published on June 17, 2021 by Laetitia Melidor