Mauritius is connected to over 150 worldwide destinations

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Air Routes: Mauritius is Connected to Over 150 Worldwide Destinations

Welcome back to another exciting episode of 2-Minute Tuesdays! In this vlog, we’ll discuss air connectivity in Mauritius, exploring the numerous airlines that link the island to major international hubs across the globe.

Mauritius, A Globally Connected Destination

Timo Geldenhuys: Today, we are discussing the connectivity and air traffic to and from the island, emphasizing the ease of access. As you are aware, Mauritius is a small tropical island, and our reliance on incoming and outgoing flights is crucial.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we enjoyed robust global connectivity. However, like every other place worldwide, we faced challenges during the pandemic, but I am delighted to share that we have successfully restored full air connectivity. 

Presently, we operate flights to over 150 cities worldwide through our diverse alliance partners.

To Which Destinations Are We Primarily Connected?

Mauritius boasts direct connections to 9 out of the 15 largest hubs globally. We offer direct flights to all our major target markets, encompassing South Africa and Europe, with daily flights to France and the U.K. Notably, we maintain two daily A380 flights from Dubai, showcasing our strong connectivity and accessibility from a global perspective.

Why is Air Connectivity in Mauritius Important for a Foreign Buyer?

First and foremost, if you’re a foreigner and own a property on the island, you can come and leave easily. Moreover, from an investment standpoint, continuous influx of people onto the island is crucial. Presently, we welcome approximately 1.3 million tourists annually. The goal is to increase this number to 2 million by 2030 and ambitiously reach 8 million tourists per year by 2050. The enhancement of air connectivity in Mauritius is a key factor in achieving these targets, promising consistent expansion. 


So, the answer is clear – getting on and off the island is very easy.

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What Airlines Serve Mauritius?

Indeed, we have an array of international airlines facilitating easy access to Mauritius. Renowned carriers such as Air Mauritius, Emirates, and British Airways contribute to our extensive connectivity. Additionally, smaller European airlines like Edelweiss and Corsair play a significant role. Our connections also extend to the East, reaching Australia. Whether you are coming from Europe, the Middle East, or Down Under, accessing Mauritius swiftly is made convenient through our diverse airline partnerships.

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Published on January 31, 2024 by Laetitia Melidor