Q&A Philippe Falesse

Q&A Philippe Falesse, Owner at St-Antoine Private Residences

`` I Live a Dream Every Day ``

1. You have a great love story with Mauritius. You arrived on the island for the first time 47 years ago and since then, it has been a romance. Why did you choose Mauritius as your second home?

I found in Mauritius a kindness that you can’t find anywhere else. The sun is always bright, life is beautiful and you are always happy when you live in Mauritius. Over the years, we often came here to visit our Mauritian friends, and it is thanks to them that we discovered this beautiful place that is St-Antoine.


2. Since how long do you live in St-Antoine?

We bought our place about six years ago. I remember going up a viewpoint to see where I could catch the best views, and this is how I chose the place where we were going to settle. Then, there was Covid-19 which delayed our plans, we arrived last December and finally got the apartment that had been waiting for us for two years.

3. You are retired, what can you tell us about the comfort and facilities offered in St-Antoine?

St-Antoine is the place to enjoy tranquility, serenity, and peace. When you wake up every morning to this amazing view, you can’t help but think, “I’m in heaven”. I am also 15 minutes from the center of Grand Bay and 15/20 minutes from a golf course. So I can find everything I need easily. I plan to continue all my retirement and all my life here.
Also, my four children are all in love with Mauritius, and they are also planning to settle here eventually. As I live in Congo, I can now say that i’m planning to bring my whole tribe here.
St-Antoine is a paradise, and we live in extraordinary conditions. This is a high-quality construction, the staff is always ready to help. I live a dream every day.

Published on June 1, 2022 by Laetitia Melidor