Mauritius Among the Top 10 Preferred Destinations of French Retirees

Once again, the quintessential beaches of Mauritius won hearts. Among the top 10 preferred destinations of French retirees, Mauritius ranked 6th in the published list of the magazine Capital, as reported on the retraitesansfrontiè website. 
Fortunately, Covid-19 has not curbed the French’ desire to spend their retirement outside of France. The website compiled a list of the best countries to spend your retirement based on criteria such as the cost of living, property value, medical care, but also cultural heritage, and gastronomy.
To determine a score for each of these criteria, meetings were held with future retirees to find out their motivations and obstacles to retirement abroad. At the same time, a questionnaire was sent to 176 retirees wishing to move abroad to find out why they consider a particular country to be a ‘retirement paradise’.

Mauritius Drops Pre-Arrival PCR Test Requirement

Demand from tourists and business travellers has soared following the reopening of borders to international travel last October. In an endeavour to encourage foreigners to choose our destination, Mauritius drops the requirement for all incoming visitors to present a negative PCR test before being allowed on the island. 
Moreover, the authorities removed the need for a day 5 antigen test during your stay in Mauritius. 
So relax, come and live in Mauritius, we are waiting for you!

Published on March 30, 2022 by Laetitia Melidor